For Students

If you're a student who wants to reach out to the global community, connect with the world, or be a more globally-minded citizen, please check out the many opportunities UCI has to offer.

Remote Engagement

How to Stay Connected to UCI During Remote Learning

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Graduate Student Opportunities

UCI Graduate Division provides leadership on graduate education matters, working with scholars from all over the world to engage in study, teaching and research in the pursuit of a master’s or Ph.D. degree or of postdoctoral training. UCI Graduate Division promotes academic integrity and greater understanding by supplying information, guidance and support to the campus community and beyond. The aim is to enhance the educational experience by engaging and leading on all matters related to graduate student life: academics, advocacy, funding and financial support, diversity, employment and professional development. With more than 100 graduate programs, UCI is a thriving generator of innovation and discovery. Graduate and postdoctoral scholars are equipped with the tools of analysis, expression and cultural understanding necessary for leadership in today’s world. Graduate students join a community of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds, all in pursuit of making a meaningful difference in the world we share.