Policy & Procedure for Student International Activities and Travel

In January 2020, UCI approved and implemented a new Student International Activities Policy and Procedures to support the health and safety of our students when they participate in UCI-affiliated activities outside the 50 United States and Washington D.C.

In addition, UCI has new support for faculty and staff who manage programs that include travel and activities abroad with students. As part of this procedure, UCI sponsoring units that wish to conduct Student International Activities should consult with the Study Abroad Center early in the planning stages. Program leaders should become familiar with the new Student International Activities Guidelines to which all UCI Programs must adhere. 

Approving a proposal may take two months or more depending on program readiness.

  • WHO: All students traveling outside the United States for UCI affiliated purposes and all UCI Faculty & Staff program leaders who are taking students outside of the U.S. for UCI affiliated purposes.
  • WHAT: New risk management support for student travelers.
  • WHEN: Effective immediately, January 2020.
  • WHY: To mitigate risk and help to ensure the health and safety of students when traveling internationally in support of UCI’s mission of teaching, research and public service.


Students: Individual student travelers should begin the travel registration and risk assessment process with the Study Abroad Center’s Independent International Activities

Faculty & Staff Program Leaders: Visit the UCI Program Development web page or contact the Study Abroad Center to start the process or submit a proposal. For questions or to start a proposal, contact Jeanne d’Arc Gomis at the Study Abroad Center. Approving a proposal may take two months or more depending on program readiness.

Please note this new policy and procedure does not affect international activities that do not involve students. Also, UCI students participating in the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and Other UC campus programs will complete a risk assessment and travel registration through their UCI Study Abroad application and approval process.

420-10 Policy for Student International Activities

420-11 Procedures for Student International Activities