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International Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 2

How long will the agreement negotiating and approval process take?

The time required to complete an agreement depends on its complexity, whether or not we use the UCI template or the partner-institution template, the number and significance of changes requested by the partner institution, etc.  In general, the average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks if UCI templates are used with minimal changes.  If other templates are used or significant changes are proposed, the turnaround time is often longer.

What if the partner institution wants us to use its template instead of the UCI template?

We strongly encourage using UCI templates because all non-UCI templates must be closely reviewed, often extensively revised, and approved by various campus offices.  This can result in significant delays.  However, if, due to the relationship with the partner institution or other circumstances, it is preferred that we use the partner-institution's template, we will make every effort to do so.

How long are agreements valid?

Each agreement explicitly states that it will be valid for a specific number of years, which is usually 3-5 years but can be shorter or longer depending on the activities proposed and the justification for the preferred term.

For research agreements, should I work with Global Engagement or the Office of Research?

An agreement between UCI and an international institution that provides for unfunded research collaboration is handled by Global Engagement. Research collaboration funded by sponsored awards or subawards is handled by the Office of Research. For a complete list of agreements handled by Office of Research, please see Research-Related Agreements-Responsible Offices.

Can international undergraduate or graduate students take classes at UCI?

International graduate students and undergraduate students visiting UCI may not enroll in courses, sit in on classes, or receive credits.  International students who wish to enroll in courses and receive course credit must do so through the UC Education Abroad Program, UCI Continuing Education, or UCI Summer Session.  See the International Students page for more information.

Who signs international agreements on behalf of UCI?

The administrators authorized to sign for the university are the:

  • Chancellor or Provost on behalf of the campus as a whole,
  • Academic Deans on behalf of their schools,
  • Vice Chancellor for Research on behalf of organized research units, and
  • University Librarian on behalf of the UCI Libraries.

Can we have a signing ceremony?

For campus-wide agreements, the signatory is always the Chancellor or Provost. Global Engagement determines whether a signing ceremony is possible.  If the signatory is an academic dean, the Vice Chancellor for Research, or the University Librarian, then you must confirm directly that the signatory is willing and available to participate in a signing ceremony with the partner-institution representative.  If a ceremony is scheduled, Global Engagement will prepare the agreement for signature at the ceremony.

Can agreements be terminated early?

Yes, the UCI templates state that the agreements can be terminated early by either party for any reason with 90 days’ advance notice.  However, this standard language can be changed depending on the wishes of the parties.

Can agreements be renewed?

Yes, the UCI agreement templates provide that the agreement can be renewed if both parties so agree.  To renew an agreement, contact the International Agreements Officer.  If there are no changes to the agreement, the approval process may be quite fast.

I have a signed agreement that provides for visits by international faculty, postdocs, or student researchers, and I would like to plan the visits.  What do I need to do?

All international visiting scholars need an academic appointment and a visa.  First, work with your contact in Academic Personnel to create an appropriate appointment for the visitor. Second, work with UCI’s International Center to generate the documentation needed for the visitor to obtain a J-1 visa.  See Inviting a J-1 Scholar to UCI.  For visits under two weeks, or if you have questions about visas, please contact the International Scholar Specialist.

I have other questions. Who should I contact?

Anne Demarie, International Agreements Officer,, (949) 824-2119.