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The Tension that Never Goes Away: North Korea-South Korea Now

October 8, 2020

UCI Office of Global Engagement recently hosted a Global Engagement event that featured international and UCI leaders exploring UCI’s support of international students, given the many sudden U.S. policy proposals and proclamations that affect them.


North-South Korea Relations Event

During a period of radical hope and deep disappointment, this live, virtual event will explore the relationship between North and South Korea. The panel of experts will give a brief background on the modern history of the region, discuss the ongoing tensions and challenges of North and South Korea relations and offer practical suggestions for moving forward. The event is intended for faculty, staff, students and the general public.

The event will feature senior government and academic specialists and UCI leaders discussing the issues and answering questions.

HostVictoria Jones, Ph.D., Chief Global Affairs Officer

ModeratorJoseph Jeon, Ph.D., Director, UCI Center for Critical Korean Studies


  • Bong-geun Jun, Ph.D., Professor at the Department of Security and Unification Studies at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS) in the Korean National Diplomatic Academy
  • Min Gyo Koo, Ph.D., Professor of the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, Head of the Peace Cooperation Office, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies

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UCI Office of Global Engagement


UCI Humanities Center

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