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Webinar Recording: Colonialism Today – Cannabis as a Tool of Racial Oppression

February 1, 2021

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The UCI Office of Global Engagement hosts a range of events to address timely international topics. The webinar at 11 a.m. on Monday, February 8, will explore a number of topics related to Cannabis including:

  • How racism and colonialism have always been a part of the role of cannabis in society.
  • How countries in the southern hemisphere – including South America and Africa – have dealt with the inequalities created by the criminalization of cannabis.
  • Cannabis as the new way of colonialism will be explored.
  • The criminalization of cannabis as an attack on minority communities.
  • Cannabis, law and the industry and the great north-south divide.
  • In Morocco, large European companies control the seeds used in the production of cannabis.

Speakers from Argentina, France, and the United States will share global viewpoints.

11 a.m., Monday, February 8

The event will feature international and UCI leaders discussing the history of cannabis and current issues in this fast-changing environment, and answering your questions.

Speakers include:

ModeratorDaniele Piomelli, Professor, Anatomy & Neurobiology, UCI School of Medicine

  • Raquel Peyraube, Endocannabinology & Cannabinoid Medicines, Universidad Nacional de Rosario Argentina in Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Kenza Afsahi, Lecturer in Sociology University of Bordeaux, Researcher Emile Durkheim Center (CNRS) in Bordeaux, France
  • Robert Solomon, Clinical Professor of Law, UCI School of Law

Welcome and ClosureVictoria Jones, UCI Chief Global Affairs Officer

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