Hosting International Visitors at UCI: Activities for Guests 

While some visits have specific agendas for research and teaching others may be more informal with a goal of relationship-building, sharing best practices and exploring future opportunities for collaborations. In addition to meeting any specific visit objectives, visitors should feel welcomed and valued through the way they were treated at UCI. The list below offers some suggestions for productive ways to host visitors at UCI.

  • Host – the hosting unit should designate an individual to provide a welcome and serve as a touchpoint as needed throughout the visit
  • Goal-setting – ask the visitor about their goals, interests and priorities
  • Orientation – provide an overview about the unit and campus
  • Ask questions – visitors are a valuable resource for campus. Ask about how things are done in their home institution and about what they consider challenges or best practices
  • Shadowing professors as they teach, do research or work with students
  • Meeting faculty for informal exchanges of ideas on integrated medicine and other topics of mutual interest
  • Leading a workshop focused on the visitor’s area of specialization that may be of interest to your faculty and students
  • Facilitating research presentations by the visitor and UCI to imagine possible future collaborations
  • Guest lecturing in courses
  • Having discussions about adding international perspectives to courses, labs and clinical training
  • Inviting the guest to a social coffee meeting, lunches or dinners to make them feel welcome
  • Visiting facilities, research labs, specialized classrooms, departmental exhibits or other area of interest
  • Campus tour – can be led by a student from the unit or visitors can join the admission tours
  • Providing a desk space with a note of welcome
  • Offering a helpful guide to practical needs like Wi-Fi codes, bathroom locations and restaurant suggestions
  • Provide a phone number to call an executive assistant for day-to-day support like directions to campus offices or local shops

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