International Travel Updates & Resources

Updated July 2023

UCI International Travel Policy 

The UCI Policy for Student International Activities governs all UCI student international travel and all faculty- and staff-led programs abroad involving UCI students. All International Activities must be developed in accordance with the UCI Guidelines for Student International Activities and approved by the UCI Global Risk Manager. 

UCI Students traveling abroad

All UCI students traveling abroad or to a U.S. overseas territory for an activity supported or sponsored by UCI in any way (including conferences, research, and volunteer work) or part of a student group or RCO must complete the required UCI international risk assessment, travel registration, and insurance enrollment in the UCI Abroad portal prior to travel. 

UCI faculty/staff traveling with UCI students abroad

UCI faculty and staff facilitating travel abroad or to a U.S. overseas territory for and/or with students are required to consult the UCI Study Abroad Center  prior to travel to have their  International Activity reviewed for appropriate UCI global risk management approvals. Please the UCI Study Abroad Center’s Faculty/Staff resources page for more details. Please contact the UCI Global Risk Manager at for any questions.

Request a Travel Security Briefing

For travel to high-risk destinations or high-risk international activities, UCI travelers may request a personal travel security briefing. For more information, please contact the UCI Global Risk Manager at ( Subject line: Request Travel Security Briefing)

UCI Travel Resources

Please visit the pages for UCI Students and UCI Faculty & Staff, respectively, for resources to support international travel and activities for the UCI community.

Even as we work remotely, UCI remains engaged with the world. For updates, policies, and resources for the COVID response, faculty and staff may visit UCI Human Resources Working Well while UCI students should visit the UCI Student Health Center.

Update on Israel, Gaza, and DOS Worldwide Caution – October 22, 2023

UCI has been monitoring actively the situation in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank., as well as the ripple effects throughout the region and around the world. Recently, the U.S. State Department issued a Worldwide Caution to bring attention to the risks of potential violence around the globe. This Worldwide Caution is being updated daily by the DOS.

With the issuance of such advisories, it is a good time to revisit the health and safety advice students receive while preparing for travel abroad to respond to disruptions to your travel and activities abroad.

All UCI students traveling abroad as part of their UCI studies, research, community engagement, or co-curricular activities must observe the following:

1. Register Student International Activities with the UCI Study Abroad Center, which includes completing a risk assessment and emergency communications plan, attending a pre-departure orientation, and registering their trip itinerary with the UC Travel Insurance;

2. Students should also update their travel itinerary with any changes in both the UCI Abroad and the UC Travel Insurance registration portals;

3. Visit the UCI Student Abroad Center Health & Safety and Diversity & Access resource pages.

In addition, UCI travelers abroad are advised the following:

1. Download the WorldCue mobile app (iOS and Android) available with the UC Travel Insurance to connect UCI travelers with travel security updates and assistance pre-trip, on location, and in an emergency;

2. Follow local news and the advice of local colleagues, authorities, and support networks to stay updated on current developments;

3. Be mindful of and avoid protests or demonstrations;

4. Consider signing up for the U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP);

5. Monitor your UCI email and consider how you will communicate locally and internationally in the event of a communications blackout or social media outage;

6. Register all future international travel with the UC Travel Insurance.

We will remain in close communications with the UC Office of the President, UCEAP, and colleagues throughout the UC system, as well as government and local contacts. Thank you for monitoring your email for further updates from UCI and your host institutions. Please visit the UCI Global Engagement Office for international resources and updates, including information on the UCI Policy on Student International Activities.

Update on Ukraine – March 1, 2022

UCI continues to actively monitor the evolving situation in Ukraine and eastern Europe. We remain in close communications with the UC Office of the President, UCEAP and colleagues throughout the UC system, as well as government and local contacts. At this time, no UCI programs outside Ukraine have been canceled or suspended as a result of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine or worldwide responses to the ongoing military action in Ukraine.

As of Friday, February 26, The University of California Office of the President is directing all members of the UC community to avoid all travel to Ukraine at this time. Additionally, travel to neighboring countries should be carefully evaluated. In mid February, the U.S. State Department revised its travel advisory to U.S. citizens in Ukraine, Crimea, or Donetsk and Luhansk.

For Faculty & Staff: Should travel abroad during this time be necessary, it is of utmost importance that all faculty and staff should take the following steps:

For UCI Students: All UCI students involved in an international activity that takes place “anywhere outside of the geographic borders of the United States” are required to complete a risk assessment and register their travel for their Independent International Activity. Students should begin the process here: