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China Boom/China Bust

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Photo Credit to Eva Lempert

Written by:

Celyn Matienzo, Student

Class of 2017, Major: English

In early October, the Long-U.S. China Institute, which focuses on connections between China and America and is directed by Law professor Benjamin van Rooij, held a public forum titled “China Boom/China Bust.” The event focused on the fluctuating state of the Chinese economy, especially in the implications that it has for the United States. The conversation gathered a number of experts from across Southern California, each with their own specializations and considerations of the large fluctuations in the Chinese economy.

Panelists offered viewpoints of the large changes in the economy by pointing towards things such as the state of the law, management experience, and the social setting. Bringing together a diverse group in experts in their fields fostered a dialogue in which each specialization could be considered on the same stage.

As a Chinese social and cultural historian, Professor Wasserstrom – the event’s moderator – saw the talk as a learning opportunity, to watch as China’s place in American memory changed with its actions. China and the U.S. are heavily entwined in each other’s economies, cultures, and even sports and the effects of this entanglement can be felt even in how we spend our free time.

Professor Wasserstrom has spent a lot of time in China, having lived there as he completed his dissertation, with particular interest in student protests that took place from the early to mid- 20th century. He continues to travel to China once or twice a year for various occasions including meetings, talks, and literary festivals.