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International Agreements

International Memorandum of Understanding

Section 2

An International Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a brief document, signed by representatives of UCI and the international institution, which states the intention for future collaboration and development of joint academic activities.  MOUs do not specify activities or commit resources.  (Resources include funds; facilities and office space; research materials, tools, databases, and equipment; the time or effort of UCI personnel; UCI’s names, seals, or wordmarks; intellectual property; etc.)

An MOU is useful when:

  • You desire a future collaboration with an international institution because it has strategic potential but specific activities are not yet appropriate or possible.
  • You need a formal agreement documenting the parties’ intent to collaborate in order to apply for, or obtain, funding.
  • You and your counterpart at the partner institution wish to state your intention to collaborate and to establish friendly terms on which to develop specific activities later.

Section 3

Please contact the International Agreements Officer if you have questions.